Getting this Byrd off of the ground!

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I am technologically challenged.  Fact.  I’m not stupid.  Far from it.  However, I found myself completely overwhelmed when I sat down with my stubborn determination to get this blog started.  Enough time had passed and too many “I’m going to start a blog” comments had exited my mouth for another day to slip away.  Carpe Diem!  I bellied up to my desk, wind in my sails. “Eye of the Tiger” playing in my head.  There’s no stopping me now!  Look out world, I’ve got a lot to say!

Well, my enthusiasm was short lived. What the hell is a hosting site?  I just want to type, and didn’t really want to be bothered with the details of HOW I’m going to share my dribble.  Fortunately for me, my best friend started blazing a path into the world of blogging (which inspired me), so she had a lot of guidance to offer on what you should and should not do.  Despite that, I was still flustered and losing interest fast.  Here are the problems I’m faced with.  1)  Attention span of a gnat.  2) Narrow window of focus when desired effect does not immediately present itself.

I know, I know.  Good things come to those who wait.  Slow and steady wins the race.  Blah, blah, blah.  Then it occurred to me.  Why don’t I just handle this the way any other American would handle their business?  Outsource it!  I needed an operations manager. Someone to handle the details while I focused on the content, and I had just the candidate!  With a few words typed into my iPhone, I summonsed my teenager downstairs.  And THAT is how you start a blog.  The End!

I’m kidding.  Well, partially kidding.  I really don’t have any patience and I really did call for teenage reinforcement to help me navigate getting my page started.   I watched with envy as she clicked through options at lightning speed.  If I would slow down and actually READ instructions, I would have figured it out (that’s what I continue to tell myself).  But, I don’t know why I would think I could compete with the natural technology skills of someone born into a generation that types more than they speak.

In all seriousness, for anyone out there that has ever considered starting a blog, let me be your inspiration.  There are so many resources that make the process easy to do.  I started with SiteGround (affiliate link),which is where you establish a domain name and open the door to create your page.  After I my daughter provided guidance and I choked back my self-inflicted anxiety, I found it to be user friendly.   As I become more experienced, I will offer more guidance and post more information on resources that I’ve found to be helpful.  Stay tuned and happy blogging!

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