And then there were TWO

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I received great news today!  My sister (yes, there is another me!) is coming to visit next week!!  Yay!  I just saw her last month, so seeing her isn’t a huge deal.  I’m just happy I have someone to bring me gifts from the states!  I’m kidding of course.  She needs a break more than anyone I know (another story for another day), and hasn’t been here since last August.  She’s over due!  Besides, having her around for a few days will only beef up my “things to write about” content.  She’s an odd one.  I can say that because we’re just alike.  Our sister time usually includes wine filled evenings that will result in laughter to the point of tears at some stage.  We’re just that funny.  At least we think so.  I need a good laugh.  Let me tell you…A unique sense of humor is like the little sparkly flakes in a snow globe.  When unused, it just settles at the bottom and no one notices.  It takes someone shaking it up to make it sparkle again, and to remind you that you’re unique. Deep, huh?  I came up with that all by myself, and I’m not even drinking!  But seriously, you need someone of like comedic skill to resurrect the funny on occasion!

“Did you say Auntie is coming?”

As soon as she confirmed she booked her flight I immediately went to my Amazon basket!  Let me just say that shopping here, while sufficient, is still lacking.  You can’t always find what you need or want, and if you do find it, it is typically double the cost.  Sadly, Amazon’s arms don’t reach this far. As such, I have a very strategic method for getting the things that I need (want?). Okay, to say it’s “very strategic” is a little dramatic, but I do have a system.  Fortunately, I still benefit from having a residence in the states, and I have to make relatively frequent trips back for my job.  Every time something crosses my mind, I add it to my Amazon basket.  A week or two prior to returning, I review the basket and try to determine what I can and cannot live without.  Order timing also depends on if it’s an Amazon Prime item or not…I like to leave a bigger arrival window for the items that are not.  (Ps… if you aren’t a prime member, you should be. It’s 2017 for heaven’s sake…get with the program.  I’ve made it easy for you. Click on the Amazon Prime picture at the bottom of my post!)  When my daughter and I get back to the states, it’s like Christmas!  Sometimes I order so much I forget what I order, which makes it even MORE like Christmas!  Hey, if I don’t buy myself gifts, who will?

Anyway, back to my story.  She will only be here for a few days, so will most likely only have a carry on, which puts limitations on the things that I can request. While I know she would be willing to check a bag for me, it would probably make me a little jerky to tax her with the additional hassle, and let’s not forget, the baggage fee (thanks United!).  So…what can I put in her carry on, I think to myself as I tap my fingers together in a Dr. Evil fashion…  Suppose I will need to be considerate of the fact that she will need an element of space for HER things.

Who is the “Auntie” you speak of?

I’m going to pause my story (again) briefly to say, there are a few items I have discovered since living here that I think I cannot live without.  When my workday is over, I head outside to enjoy the evening.  I live on an island, I want to be OUTSIDE!  However, “outside” is also where the blood sucking bugs reside.  Why can’t they just leave me alone?  I go through more OFF and/or Cutter insect repellent than you can imagine, and frankly, sometimes I get tired of having to stop to spray up before opening the screened door.  As such, I researched alternatives.  I haven’t had a lot of luck with citronella candles (if anyone has a brand they would like to suggest, I’m open for it!).  Then my life changed (thank you Amazon and your purchaser reviews).  I found citronella incense!  Seriously, if you haven’t tried them, you should.  I brought back 2 packages my last trip and I will definitely stock up when I return.  The brand that I bought is currently sold out, but I’m going to give Mosquito Guard (see link at the bottom) a whirl.  Amazon reviews haven’t failed me yet, so I feel pretty confident they will be just as effective as the last batch I ordered.  I’ll update this post once I have them on island and they’ve been put to my test.

Unpause. So, what’s on my imaginary delivery list so far?  Citronella incense.  I could probably use some more long clicky lighter things too since I strike up my incense every night. It’s not like I can’t buy those here, but, it would save me a trip to the store if she’d just fly them in. Lol!  What was the next thing that came to mind?  Duct tape, of course.  We have duct tape here too, but I prefer my “fix all” to have print in lieu of the drab old-school silver stuff.  I’m classy like that.  So, let’s review her carry on that she needs to send through the x-ray machine.

  • Long flammable sticks
  • Lighters
  • (fashionable) Duct tape

Well, that doesn’t look suspicious. What’s wrong with me?  I’ll tell you….too much to cover in one post, that’s what.  But, there you have it folks.  The top three things I cannot live without!  However, for the sake of not having my sister detained, I think I will wait to order those items when I go back and can cram them into one of my large, heavy and over-stuffed checked bags. Dear Sister….I have since revised my list to a few more sensible items as follows:

  • Smoked Gouda flavored Triscuits (4 boxes.  Any less, and you will need to get back on the plane and go home)
  • HGTV Magazine.  CURRENT issue.  Don’t try to be cute and bring me some expired crap.
  • HEB brand coffee.  NOT decaf.  Which reminds me I need to write them a letter suggesting they increase the size of their decaf label to something someone with grown-up eye sight can read to avoid a situation like I had on my last visit.
  • Dark chocolate and caramel Ghirardelli squares (they’re in the blue bag).  If you want some, may I suggest bringing more than one bag? Some things are not meant for sharing.

Failure to comply will result in me going all Taylor Swift blog style and writing about you to all four of my followers.  Your cooperation is appreciated.  I’ll see you in a week.  Wahoo!  Don’t forget your koozy!

Seriously, give Prime a try.

I’ll let everyone know how these work out for me in August!

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6 thoughts on “And then there were TWO

  1. I happen to enjoy your accidental HEB decaf coffee. Ask mom about Ian’s “special potty drink” ?

    Also. Will there be room for said toddler in mom’s carry on? He just threw a cat hairball at me then wiped his hands on the dogs head. Don’t you miss him??

    1. Lol! I don’t think relaxation would be achieved if he were to stow away! Keep your hair all slinger at home! I will see him in August. ?

  2. I wish I could fit in Norma’s bag… I wanna go. Oh, and have you tried Texture app? It has HGTV and about a thousand other magazines on it… doesn’t clutter up your coffee table. Oh, and I will get you some UK Country Living and such when I’m there next month. Just sayin. Who’s your buddy, who’s your pal?

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