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A very dear friend pointed out that I can, on occasion, come across a bit harsh or even uncaring when my sense of humor is misunderstood.  As such, I thought I should write a brief introduction.  First and foremost, I am the very proud single mother of my beautiful teenage daughter.  Sometimes I still look at her in awe.  Smart, beautiful inside and out, funny and kind.  She is hands down the best thing that has ever happened to me, and the reason I worked to get my life together.  Every decision I’ve ever made, every fight I’ve ever fought, has all been for her. In addition, she is the reason I continue to strive for more out of life.  I want her to understand from a young age that if you want it, you just have to work for it.  Any boundaries, are only the ones you set for yourself.  In lieu of taking the long road of almost 40 years to figure it out, I want her to step out into the world knowing that she can conquer it all.  I will continue to blaze a path as wide as I can to make sure she has every opportunity to live the greatest life she can imagine.  I believe that we’re all armed to change the world in one way or another, but not everyone has the strength and heart to see it through.  She does. 

Since we’re on a mushy roll, I will also take this time to say that I’m a huge animal softy.  I don’t have the heart to pass up a gentle soul in need.  Animal abuse is not something I can tolerate, or understand.  If I can make a difference in a life, I will.  I’m also a huge supporter of spaying and neutering.  Occasionally in my posts I will talk about puppies or kittens, or finding homes for strays.  Keep in mind, I don’t take any of that lightly.  I’m not a supporter of carelessly producing more animals as they are ultimately the ones that pay the price, in my opinion.  My animals are my family and a constant source of unwavering love and entertainment.  I’d have more if I had proper time, space and money!

How did I end up on an island?  I met a man of course!  That’s the short version.  After maintaining a long distance relationship for a year, I decided to do the most spontaneous thing I have ever done in my life.  I packed up my family and moved.  Obviously, it wasn’t that easy, but I could write pages about the efforts that were made!  I have worked for the same company since 2001 and can’t imagine working with a better group of people.  It took 3 months of negotiating, but they finally agreed to let me work remotely so we could set out on the adventure of the next chapter in our lives.  I’m forever grateful as this has been a life changing experience. One that without my supportive employer and determined other half, I could have never made happen.

I won’t elaborate too much more on any of the areas of my life noted above, otherwise, what would I blog about??  However, I will sum this up by saying that I am naturally a very private person.  Not the type at all to blast my life all over the pages of Facebook, or the like.  So why am I blogging?  I love writing.  I love to make people laugh.  Writing about life experiences in a manner that people can relate to (I hope), is a complete 180 to airing your dirty laundry for the world to read at their leisure.  I’ve managed to work myself into a life that is less than ordinary. Maybe, just maybe, I can inspire someone else out there living and feeling like a caged rat to take a risk and make a change.  We live in a big world.  Open your mind and set forth to live without fear and regret.  You may fall flat on your face, or you may not.  Either way, you will be better for it.  That can now be said with the confidence of my own experience.

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